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Product Specification

Our ranges of doors and drawer fronts are manufactured from 18mm or 22mm MDF and are suitable for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, caravans and office furniture. The doors are made using the latest hi-tech machinery combined with diamond tipped tooling thus consistency, quality and accuracy is guaranteed every time. The MDF is coated with a two part glue which has a hardener mixed in to give a much higher heat resistance than normal one part glues. A durable PVC foil is then pressed around the components using the latest machinery.

As standard:
  • Items under 284mm high will be classed as drawer fronts and will contain the drawer front design for your selected range.
  • Drawer fronts less than 140mm high will not normally have a centre design.
  • Drawer fronts are completely plain on the back. Any holes or grooves will need to be done on site.
  • Doors will have vertical (top to bottom) grain and drawer fronts will have horizontal (left to right) grain. This does not effect plain finishes.
  • Doors over 1700mm high are made with a 60/40 mid rail as standard unless otherwise specified. This does not affect plain designs e.g. Premier Slab, Premier Euroline and Premier Ashford.

Product Limitations
The minimum we can manufacture is 70mm high x 70mm wide.
The largest item that we can arrange delivery for is 1.5 square metres. For example:
  • Adoor or panel 2400 high by 620 wide would be 1.488 square metres so that would be okay to deliver.
  • A door or panel 2800 high by 500 wide would be 1.4 square metres so that would be okay to deliver.
  • A door or panel 2600 high by 650 wide would be 1.69 square metres so you would have to arrange collection of this item or pay an extra delivery charge.
  • A door or panel 1000 high by 1200 wide would be 1.2 square metres so that would be okay to deliver.

The largest item that we can physically manufacture is 2800mm high x 1200mm wide (about the size of a small garage door).

MDF Panels
We can make our panels to any size and they are priced per square metre.
Panels are made just like the doors but they are completely plain with an almost square edge (roughly 1-2mm radius).
We can also make panels with a tongue and groove effect and custom shaped panels.
As standard panels are made from 18mm MDF (like the doors) but also have access to 22mm and 25mm material.

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