Make a list of the doors, drawer fronts and accessories that you require and then complete a quotation request form.
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Quick FAQ:

Why do I need to complete a quotation request form?
Peace of mind. Once your request is received a specialist will check over it for common measuring errors and abnormalities in sizes and hinge hole locations. You will also be informed of any design, finish or delivery limitations and advised of any items that you appear to have missed.

Do I need to know the exact sizes, door design and finish? No, if you just want a ‘ball park’ figure feel free to send a partially completed quotation request. If you are not sure of the design or finish at this stage simply select ‘I am not sure’ in the design and finish selection boxes. You will then be emailed a quotation showing the prices for all ranges.

Is there another way to get a quotation?: Yes, you can email your list to or you can telephone 01942 231500. You can also send a fax to 01942 231511.

Can I order without receiving a quotation? Yes, just call 01942 231500 and your order will be completed over the telephone. You can pay using most credit cards, all debit cards, bank transfers and cheques. For full information please read the ‘How to buy’ page.

How long does it take to receive a quotation? Quotations are usually emailed to you within a few hours.